Motorcycle goggles appeared in the middle of the nineteenth century along with the first convertibles and the first bikes. They were then manufactured from a leather headband holding glasses, tight enough to prevent dust, wind or rain does come interfere with driving. Speaking to bikers, motorists and airmen, these glasses have allowed secure practice their favorite discipline.

Handmade, our driving pairs of glasses were born from expertise centenary. Their craft design is based on a brass or aluminum frame, combined with a leather structure and foam for comfort. The adjustable elastic, too, mounted and hand stitched by craftsmen. Our glasses are also with interchangeable lenses by simple clip, many possibilities are offered as well.

The motorcycle goggles vintage Aviator Goggle, Chapal and Climax will never leave you during your trips. No more wind in the eyes, dust and other annoyances, you will focus more on the essential: the road and your counter! Teaming well with a vintage jet helmet, you will surely have a vintage look on your motorcycle or on your old car.