Brand Suixtil

In the 1930s, Salomon Rudman, a motorsports madman, launched his men's clothing brand: Suixtil. Juan Manuel Fangio, a driver who dominated the first decade of Formula 1 racing with 24 Grand Prix victories and five F1 World Champion titles, was Suixtil's first muse who offered him the steering wheel of a Chevrolet to race in the early 1940s.

Another milestone in the history of Suixtil was achieved by José Froilan Gonzalez who won the first Ferrari title in a Formula 1 World Championship with the British Grand Prix in 1951.

Other Suixtil racing heroes, such as Moss, Behra, Von Trips, Bonnier, Collins, Schell, Barth, Herrmann, Kling and Trintignant, have also won numerous F1 victories.

In 1948, the Argentinean Automovil Club founded a team of Argentinean drivers to challenge the Europeans on their lands during the winter seasons. Suixtil became the official sponsor of this team whose leader was Juan Manuel Fangio. This brand, initially designed for the general public, then wrote its history thanks to motor racing and the many successes of its drivers.

Suixtil quickly established itself as the original equipment manufacturer of the best international racing car drivers of the 1950s and early 1960s, thanks to Fangio who generously distributed his clothes to the brothers. Maurice Trintignant, Paul Frère and Sir Stirling Moss proudly dressed the Argentinean polo shirts, jackets and pants.

Suixtil unfortunately fell into oblivion for a few years but is reborn today with the Heritage line. Faithful to the brand's DNA, the Heritage range offers clothing emblematic of the golden age of motor sport while respecting the original materials and cuts.

The history of the brand, the quality of the materials and the attention to detail and finishing are at the origin of this rebirth. Both timeless and elegant, Suixtil jackets, polo shirts, trousers and accessories will appeal to amateurs and enthusiasts of classic automobiles alike.

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