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Stéphane Dufour is a French artist with a passion for art and cars. It was in his father's workshop, which repaired and maintained prestigious vehicles, that Stéphane Dufour discovered a passion for cars from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Three decades unanimously regarded as the pinnacle of automotive design and engineering. It was then at the School of Fine Arts in Limoges that he realized that he could combine his passions for drawing and beautiful cars.
With pencil or charcoal, he draws with talent, these legendary cars that haunt his mind since childhood. These three years at the Beaux Arts in Limoges allow him to assert his unique style, synthesizing space, light, form, movement and colour and to specify his preference for "3/4 before" plans or for black and white.

Stéphane's work is eclectic, ranging from Ferrari to Aston Martin, but his passion for Porsche is found in many works. Today, his paintings, drawings and sculptures of Porsche have earned him international renown. Like Shelby, Porsche even gave him an official license that certifies his reproductions and offers him a fine recognition of his work.

After more than 200 paintings created using traditional techniques, Stéphane Dufour no longer hesitates to use modern techniques to help him develop his art. After years of using only pencils and oil painting, Stéphane began sculpting in 2004 thanks to digital technology, enriching his artistic production. All his works are signed and limited editions.

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