Brand Entre 2 Rétros

Inspired by the automobile universe of the 50's and 60's, Entre 2 Rétros offers a range of practical and elegant bags for both men and women from upcyclic materials. The idea of diverting automotive fabrics from their original use and transforming them into fashion accessories was born in 2009 in the spirit of designer Virginie Nantas.

Having been immersed in the automobile since childhood, she knows the robustness and technicality of these fabrics. Guided both by her taste for recovery and the challenge of giving a second life to these quality fabrics, she embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship and dropped her job in a large company.

Its objective: to use these treasures by diverting them from their original use: to make them fashionable objects. The first collections were launched with Céleste Bouchayer, a stylist with whom Virginie shares the same taste for fashion and design. The fabrics, often bound together, always light and wear-resistant, are enhanced with colors by edging, ganses, borders, decorations,... so many details that make them look beautiful.

Entre 2 retros is inspired by the retro chic style of the 50s and 60s automobile and develops functional bags: computers, i Pad, toiletries, glasses, keys, change, but also weekend bags, or a day in the city. Moreover, giving a second chance to films neglected by the industry by magnifying them, here is a militant step to help preserve the planet!

Products from Entre 2 Rétros