Brand MotorMemo

The MotorMemo brand was created by François Borzellino. This graphic designer, passionate about cars and owner himself, started from a simple observation: Too often the original documents of old cars are lost, destroyed or even stolen... Thanks to his talents as a graphic designer and the experience of his collector friends, François Borzellino imagines a useful and elegant notebook that gathers all the information of an old car.

Inspired by yesterday's automobile, the MotorMemo notebook respects all the aesthetic codes of Vintage. The cover of the notebook is made of raw cardboard, authentic and robust, while the inside pages are made of recycled paper. There are 6 chapters that retrace the identification, features, history, owners, maintenance operations and a memo page.

Printed according to the most qualitative techniques and assembled with a solid sewing, MotorMemo notebooks, ask only to age in the glove compartment of your old car! These notebooks are the guardians of our automotive heritage and will undoubtedly enhance your vehicle!

Products from MotorMemo