Brand Hanhart

Hanhart is synonymous with precision watchmaking. Since 1882, this high-end watchmaking company has been at the origin of the creation of masterpieces of watchmaking, combining precision mechanics and unique design. Hanhart has thus acquired an international reputation.

Hanhart hand stopwatches comply with the following principles: maximum precision and reliability, perfect legibility, simple and safe operation, and the greatest possible robustness. Development, design and production are located in Gütenbach, in the Black Forest in Germany.

The legend of the red button... He lovingly kissed her while she was asleep on her forehead, before leaving the apartment. As he looked at his Hanhart watch in the hangar, a smile passed over her lips: she had painted the button with her red nail polish so that he could always think of her and come back safely...

This is the legend behind the red button - the distinctive mark that has characterized Hanhart since the company introduced its first chstopwatches in 1938. The button has been painted red, in particular to prevent pilots from accidentally pressing the reset button.

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