Driving gloves

Stradale mittens and driving gloves are the essential accessory of the driver. In the 20s, the racing drivers adopted leather gloves to tame their cars. With large wooden sliding wheel, these sports cars are very difficult to control. The new skin provides them comfort, feeling and precision. It also was a prime defense against bad weather or fire in crash.

Our gloves for men are made in France using ancestral techniques. To give you an incomparable touch, our craftsmen select the best skins of lambs and goats, known for their flexibility, strength, and finesse. Then they realize cuts, bites and montages with a know-how that made the success of these gloves "Made In France". As a nod to motorsport, our emblem, a butterfly wheel is engraved in the mass of the snap.

We gathered our automotive passion and the French tradition to offer the elegance of the gentleman driver. More than just a accessory of style, our driving gloves are assessed as a fragment of the history of motor sport.