Classic helmets

The classic helmet appears in the 1950s because cars and racing motorcycles performance rose significantly after the Second World War. This is why the drivers fitted out classic helmets or hardhats helmets to replace their helmets with soft leather aviators. This new protection offered them even more comfort and safety without being too heavy. In racing, it's Alberto Ascari who was one of the first drivers to adopt this rigid helmet. He painted in blue of France. As for Juan Manuel Fangio, he left plain, letting appear the layers of fiber and resin. Bowls helmets for motor drivers were equipped with a visor while helmets for bikers had none.
In reality, these helmets were borrowed polo players and slightly adapted for the use of motor racing. Their current production is very similar to the techniques of the time which was to superimpose on a mold canvas layers. Then the helmets were hot-formed and then covered with resin varnish. Today, it is varnish fiberglass lighter, more rigid and easier to paint. Neck and straps are leather for total comfort.

Vintage object par excellence, these helmets could easily decorate your living room or office. But these helmets are especially made to be worn! Driving your convertible or handlebars of your bike, you will be able to pick up the bread on Sunday with a deliciously retro style. You will also look great in all events and rallies like the 1000 Miglia or the Goodwood Revival.