Book Jaguar Lightweight E-Type - Autobiography Of 49 FNX

Porter Press

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Book Jaguar Lightweight E-Type - The Autobiography Of 49 FXN by Porter Press.

This book tells the story of the mythical Jaguar Type E Low Drag, reviewed by Dr. Samir Klat.

Edited by Porter Press International and written by Philip Porter and James Page.

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Book Jaguar Lightweight E-Type - The Autobiography Of 49 FXN - Porter Press:

This exhaustive book tells the story of the 1963 Lightweight Jaguar E-type that was famously given an aerodynamic makeover by Dr Samir Klat of Imperial College, London, for the 1964 season. Driven by Peter Lumsden and Peter Sargent, the sleek car proved its high-speed potential by running third in the GT class at Le Mans that year until forced to retire soon after nightfall, but three months later it achieved a prestigious result – best-placed E-type and fifth in the GT class – at the Tourist Trophy at Goodwood. Known by its registration number, 49 FXN, this celebrated Lightweight E-type has remained active for most of its life, and the exploits of a succession of notable owners form a fascinating aspect of the book.

Technical sheet : 

- Language : English.
- 320 pages.
- 285 x 235 mm (11.5 x 9.5 in).
- 275 period photographies. 


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