Book Maserati 250 F - Autobiography Of 2528

Porter Press

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Maserati Book 250 F - The Autobiography Of 2528 by Porter Press.

Porter Press tells the story of the fabulous Maserati 250F which led Fangio to fame.

Designed by the famous brand Porter Press International and directed by author Ian Wagstaff.

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Book Maserati 250 F - The Autobiography Of 2528 - Porter Press 

This fabulous ex-Fangio 250F has been owned by the Corner family for many years.This stunning book was commissioned by Neil, Freda and Nigel Corner, 2528 is their ex-Fangio, ex-Behra car.

This is the story of a uniquely special example of the Maserati 250F, the breed of car that epitomises the 2½-litre front-engined Formula 1 era of 1954–60 and took part in the first and last races of that classic period. The finest flowering of the 250F came in 1957 with the lightweight version in which Juan Manuel Fangio won the last of his five World Championship titles.

Three lightweights were built and the one featured in this book, chassis 2528, was driven to victory by Fangio in the Monaco Grand Prix and by Jean Behra in three non-championship Grands Prix at Pau, Modena and Casablanca. The fascinating story of 2528, from its construction to the present day, is accompanied by 400 photographs, many of them never previously published. This fabulous book presents the life of a truly Great Car – the most original and widely raced of all Maserati 250Fs.

Technical sheet : 

- Language : English.
- 320 pages.
- 285 x 235 mm (11.5 x 9.5 in).
- 275 period photographies. 


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