N°1 Shampoo & Wax Product

Oakshed & Sons

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Shampoo & Wax from Oakshed.

The Shampoo & Wax product is the essential element to clean and shine your car.

Made from natural and biodegradable products.

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Shampoo & Wax - Oakshed: The 2 in 1 product

Shampoo & Wax is a wax-based soap that cleans your car and makes it shine. This quality soap is made from plants. It eliminates the most stubborn stains, bringing both a coat of Carnauba wax that will make your car shine.

Technical data sheet:

- Composition: filtered water, carnauba wax, polymers, herbal products, sodium citrate, preservatives, natural essential oils.
- 946ml (32oz) bottle with pouring cap.
- Non-toxic, solvent-free, phosphate-free, allergen-free.
- Can be used for all finishes of non matte paints.
- Cleans without removing the existing wax.
- Biodegradable materials*

* Biodegradable materials have the ability to dissolve in their natural state, when exposed to the sun, at normal aquatic and microbial activity, from 60 to 100% in 28 days.

Instruction manual:

1. Use Shampoo & Wax on a cool, shaded vehicle.
2. Rinse the vehicle with clean water.
3. Pour 5cl of Shampoo & Wax per litre into a bucket and fill with water.
4. Wash your car or motorcycle with a sponge or microfiber.
5. Rinse the vehicle and dry with microfibre or chamois.


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