N°3 Motor Shine Product

Oakshed & Sons

20 €

The Motor Shine of the Oakshed brand.

The cosmetic product Motor Shine is designed for the cleaning of engines, door jambs and plastic finishes.

Made from biodegradable components.

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Motor Shine Cleaner - Oakshed:

The Motor Shine maintenance product is used to clean motors, rims, door jambs and plastic finishes. The Motor Shine is easy to use thanks to its vaporizer. This car cosmetics will remove all grease, dust and dirt effectively thanks to its powerful degreasing cleansing formula. The use of water is not necessary.

The Oakshed brand wanted to make a lasting impression by creating a range of natural and biodegradable cosmetics.

Technical data sheet:

- Composition: filtered water, herbal components, sodium carbonate, natural essential oils, preservatives.
- 473 ml (16oz) bottle with sprayer.
- No water required.
- Powerful herbal degreaser and cleaner.
- Removes oils, greases, dust and dirt with great ease.
- Suitable for motor, body frame, wheel arches, plastic and vinyl.
- Non-toxic, phosphate-free and biodegradable*.

*Biodegradable products have the ability to dissolve in their natural state when exposed to sunlight and normal acoustic and microbial activity, 60 to 100% in 28 days.

Instruction manual:

1. Shake the bottle.
2. Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned and leave on for 30 seconds.
3. Rub the rim with a brush or sponge.
4. Wipe with a microfiber (do not rinse, you will lose the protective layer).


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