N°4 Liquid Wax Product

Oakshed & Sons

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The Liquid Wax product from Oakshed.

This maintenance product will bring shine to the body of your car or motorcycle!

Made from natural and biodegradable products.

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The Liquid Wax - Oakshed product:

This Liquid Wax car cosmetics can be used on the body of your car, motorcycle and even on your boat. This product has been designed to sublimate your car, giving it a glossy finish with mirror effect and shine. In addition to the expected brightness, the Liquid Wax protects your car from rain, UV rays, bird droppings and tar spills.

This product is made from carnauba wax and other natural and biodegradable components.

Technical data sheet:

- Composition: filtered water, carnauba wax, polymer emulsion, mineral oil, herbal glycerin, alcohol ethoxylates, sodium carbonate, preservatives, natural essential oils.
- Easy to use formula.
- 473 ml (16oz) bottle with pouring cap.
- Contains a large amount of carnauba.
- No heavy solvents or abrasives.
- Suitable for cars, motorcycles and boats.

Instruction manual:

1. Keep the vehicle cool and shaded.
2. Shake the bottle.
3. Apply one teaspoon of product to a microfiber or pad applicator on your machine.
4. Apply Liquid Wax, section by section, using circular movements.
5. Do not let the wax dry and shine by wiping immediately with a second clean microfiber. If there is a darker streak on the paint, reapply again.


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