N°6 Waterless Cleaner Product

Oakshed & Sons

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The Oakshed brand Waterless Cleaner product.

The Waterless Cleaner cosmetic product is the ideal solution to keep your car clean and shiny at the same time.

Made from natural and biodegradable components.

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Waterless Cleaner - Oakshed:

Waterless Cleaner Cosmetic is a formula that allows you to clean and wax your car at the same time. The product contains natural polymers that encapsulate small dirt to facilitate cleaning and waxing. The use of this product does not require water. In addition to its waxing function, Waterless Cleaner protects your car from UV rays. This product is the essential element to have during your rides or rallies.

Oakshed wanted to make a difference by creating its range of natural and biodegradable car care products.

Technical data sheet:

- Composition: filtered water, herbal products, polymer emulsion, sodium carbonate, natural essential oils.
- Available in 473 ml (16oz) bottles with sprayer.
- No water required.
- Cleans and protects paint, side and rear windows, rims...
- Apply by section, from top to bottom.
- Leaves a coat of UV protection for a few weeks.
- Incredible mirror finish.
- Do not use on tires: they will become slippery!

Instruction manual:

1. Make sure the vehicle feels cool to the touch.
2. Shake the bottle.
3. Spray directly on the surface to be cleaned.
4. Rub gently with clean microfibre.
5. Use a second clean, dry microfiber to bring out the shine on the body.

CAUTION: Common sense: If the surface to be cleaned is too dirty (mud or sand), first rinse your vehicle with water.


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