Toolkox Deluxe

Oakshed & Sons

170 €

The Deluxe toolbox from Oakshed.

This Deluxe Toolkit is the essential kit for lovingly maintaining your car!

The cleaning products in this kit are made from natural ingredients.

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The Deluxe Toolbox - Oakshed:

Oakshed's Deluxe Toolbox contains the essentials to take care of your car. This box is composed of 9 products, including 6 cleaning products made from natural and biodegradable components, as well as 2 microfibre towels and the Deluxe solid wood toolbox.

Among these 9 products, we have:

- N°1 Shampoo & Wax: cleanses the bodywork.
- N°2 Wheel Cleaner: cleans the wheels (rims, wheel covers).
- N°3 Motor Shine: cleans engines, door jambs and plastic finishes.
- N°4 Liquid Wax: shines the bodywork.
- N°5 Polish & Wax: removes eddies, oxidation marks and claws.
- 6 Waterless Cleaner: washes and waxes the car.
- Deluxe solid wood tool box.
- 1 Light Microfibre.
- 1 Bufifng Microfibre.

For more information, please refer to the individual data sheets for each product.