Light Microfiber

Oakshed & Sons

6 €

Light Microfibre from Oakshed.

This lightweight microfiber will allow you to apply cleaning products to your car efficiently.

Made with a luxurious finish.

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Light Microfibre - Oakshed:

Light Microfibre is a lightweight microfiber towel that allows you to apply Oakshed brand care products. Whether Polish Cleaner or Waterless Cleaner, place it on the microfiber and then apply to the car. This Light Microfibre is equipped with a perfect microfiber.

Technical data sheet:

- Dimension: 40 x 40 cm.
- Luxurious finish.
- 1 piece per package.
- Machine wash at 40°C maximum.
- Never tumble dry.


  • N°1 Shampoo & Wax Product
  • N°2 Wheel Cleaner Product
  • N°3 Motor Shine Product
  • N°4 Liquid Wax Product
  • N°5 Polish & Wax Product
  • N°6 Waterless Cleaner Product
  • N°7 Quick Detailer
  • N°8 Leather Care
  • N°9 Cockpit Spray
  • N°11 Insect & Window
  • N°12 Black Tire
  • Buffing Microfiber
  • Wheel brush