N°9 Cockpit Spray

Oakshed & Sons

22 €

Oakshed & Sons Cockpit Spray treatment N°9 allows you to thoroughly clean plastic or vinyl interiors.

The biodegradable ingredients of this treatment allow you to maintain and protect your dashboard with a natural look.

The product has the advantage of reducing annoying light reflections and avoiding the fumes that cause headaches.

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Technical data sheet :

- Composition: Filtered water, carnauba wax (for protection), vegetable glycerin (for cleaning), polymer emulsion, xanthan gum (thickener), natural essential oils (perfume), preservatives (less than 0.05%)
- Available in 473 ml (17oz) bottles with spray bottle.
- Protects vinyl and plastics (for leather dashboards, use Leather Care N°7)
- No water required.

Instructions for use :

1. Shake the bottle well.
2. Spray directly on the surface.
3. Rub lightly with a soft cloth or microfibre for a glossy finish.


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