1950 leather pilot helmet


2000 €

1950 Pilot helmet in brown leather from Chapal.

This helmet will certainly please the gentlemen drivers.

French manufacturing and exceptional know-how.


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Available in 3 to 4 weeks

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1950 Pilot helmet in brown leather - Chapal :

In the beginning, these helmets were for polo players and traditionnaly built with tens layers of overlapping fabric, thermo formed and resinated to give a hard and resistant structure.

The first Formula 1 World Champion to wear this type of helmet was AlbertoAscari in 1952. He used to paint it in white. Juan Manuel Fangio wore it natural, which is brown with darker shades due to the irregular penetration of resin on the surface.

Technical sheet :

- Fiberglass and resin structure with integrated visor.
- External cladding in natural sheep leather.
- leather protection for the neck and ears.
- Inside and strap in ecru sheep leather.
- Ientirely cladded and sewn by hand.
- Brass buckle fastener.
- leather glass mainting strap.
- Delivered with a coton transportation case and a polishing mitt.

* Not certified for motorbiking or motor car racing.



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