Red Carrera helmet


880 €

Vintage car helmet Pacto Carrera Red.

The Pacto Carrera Rouge helmet is a faithful reproduction of the helmets worn by pilots in the 1950s. Like Ascari or Fangio at the wheel of their Formula 1.

IMPORTANT: These helmets are made to order in Costa Rica. Due to their unique nature, we cannot accept returns once the order process has started.

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Handmade in Costa Rica. Delivery within 30 days.

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Pacto Carrera Red Helmet :

This helmet reproduces the model worn by professional pilots in the 1950s. It is an object steeped in automotive history. Pacto's craftsmen manufacture the Carrera with the greatest care. It is entirely handmade in their workshop located in Costa Rica.

The manufacture is the same as in the 1950s since the white Pacto Carrera consists of cork and a moulded fibreglass shell. The visor is integrated into this molded shell. The snap button in the centre of this visor allows you to attach a rain screen if the conditions ever go bad!

1. Measure your head circumference with a tape measure.
2. Once your order has been placed, you will be contacted by our customer service department to finalize your purchase.
3. It then takes 30 days for manufacturing and shipping.

*Due to their unique nature, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or cancellations once the order process has started.
*These helmets are not approved for road use or competition. They are sold as collectibles.

Technical data sheet :

- Moulded, painted and varnished fibreglass shell.
- Integrated visor.
- Cork interior.
- Full grain leather inner cap. 
- Neck and ear protection in Canvas.
- Full grain leather tightening straps.


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