Stradale was born in 2008 on a county road in the Sarthe. My two brothers, Thibaut and Gauthier, and my sister-in-law Olivia, were leaving Le Mans Classic, a majeur and historical event in sports car, with this simple idea : 

A name : STRADALE for the thoroughbred escaped from the motor racing circuit and turned into a road version, civilised for a better grip on the transapline road's asphalt.

The idea is to equip the owners of old cars, amuse their children with targeted toys, decorate their living room or office. Also, have some elegant bags for your journeys on France's rural county roads.

Classic cars enthusiats but mostly journeys and drives enthusiasts, we realised we could extend this pleasure with accessories, objects or decoration coming from this unique universe.

Many influences generated this passion, and mainly my participation as my father's co-pilot, Marc, in local rallies while driving an Alpine Berlinette in the 70's. This passion was enhanced by the years thanks to rallies,  motor racing circuits and later by travelling around the country searching for old cars.

End of 2008, we opened the Stradale Gallery in Lille's suburbs. Regional costumers are pleased but after 6 years of existence, at the end of 2014, the shop closed as Olivia wanted to focuse on toher projects. The universe has been created, the concept is pleasing, the adventure must continue with today's tools.

In January 2015, we started thinking about a new website. It will be a virtual gallery : an E-shop for Gentlemen Drivers. The new site was launched in December 2015.




Stradale has become an e-shop for Gentlemen Drivers.

We continue in our search, selection and distribution of brands that conveys the same state of mind : elegance, sensations and evasion. We develop products under the brand Stradale.

Our gloves and toolkits are manufactured in France by craftsmen from the Aveyron with selected leathers...

The website's novelty is that we adress old car drviers but also old motorbikes drivers. This concept of Gentleman Driver extends for us from the modest buzz-bike to the prestigious Ferrari form the 1950's.

We wish to offer a memory, an experience, an evocation of automobile or motorbiking to pilots harnassed to their bucket seats as well as amateurs itting in their armchair.While reading a beautiful book  by the fireside, driving to the office with an elegant briefcase, keeping your tools in a leather toolkit or simply wearing a tweed cap in the paddocks of a circuit...

We try to bring to this universe a real E-shopping experience thanks to quality visuals, free delivery and refund from over 100€ purchase or the possibility to pack your gift for free.

We hope our world will please you !