Red and grey leather driving gloves


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Stradale's ruby red and lead grey driving gloves were manufactured for the aficionados.

Handmade in France, these extremely supple lambskin gloves set themsleves appart with their comfort and touch.

It is while driving your vintage car or motrobike that you will discover a new driving experience : precision, unique sensations and refinement.

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A brief history of driving gloves.

Driving gloves were born at the same time as the first car races. Racers of that time then had wide wooden steering wheels coming from production cars.

In order to gain in comfort, precision and feelings, pilots adopted leather driving gloves.This new asset helped them to scrape together a few precious seconds while racing, with sometimes lead to victory ! It also was a bulwark against the cold or flames in case of an accident.Today, driving gloves represent way more than just a simple stylish accessory : wearing them is like wearing a piece of motor racing history.

100% french artisanal manufacture.

Made in one of France's last glove-making bastion, our driving gloves ar manufactrured by craftsmen who inherited a century old expertise. We chose a one layered lambskin to preserve the delicacy and suppleness of the leather and offer you a unique touch.
We chose the "English stitching" for the seams, a technique wich consists of sewing together two overlapping layers of leather.Finally, we attach a special attention to details, wgich is why our emblem, the butterfly screw, is engraved on the snap fastener.

Refinement and sensations.

While driving your vintage or new sports car you will wear thses driving gloves, a classic helmet and pilote goggles just as the most renowned Gentlemen Drivers.As automobile, driving gloves improve wonderfully with time and will head to a natural patina.
This colour combination will perfectly match with a distinguished inside such as a Historical Competition Vehicle or a rally car : it is while driving yout Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Alpine... that they'll suit you best.

Technical sheet :

- Colour : Lead grey / Ruby red.
- Material : One layered glazed lambskin.
- Closure : Nickel snap fastener with engraved emblem.
- Seams : English stitching.
- 100% french artisanal manufacture.



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