Brown suede driving gloves


105 €

Driving gloves in brown velvet for men.

Manufactured exclusively in France by passionate craftsmen, these gloves offer exceptional comfort and driving sensations.

This mixture of leather and velvet gives a vintage and elegant touch.

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A brief history of driving gloves.

Driving gloves were developed for the drivers at the dawn of the first car races. Providing more precision and feelback, they quickly became indispensable accessories, as were goggles and classic  helmets. Indeed, thanks to increased comfort and a better grip, they allowed the pilots to handle with greater ease their large wooden steering wheels, often slippery. Became their best allies, the leather driving gloves allowed them to grab a few seconds on lap and sometimes even to win the victory. Finally, it was a second skin, first protection against fire and cold. With the technical evolutions, the driving gloves are today very different from what they were at the time. However, they are still more than just an accessory, they are a part of the history of motor sports.

100% French artisanal manufacture.

Over the decades, our artisan glovers have forged an exceptional savoir-faire. For these velvet driving gloves, we have chosen to assemble two goat skins. Back side velvet (suede) palm side flower. Reputable very solid and extremely flexible the skin of goat also offers a rare thineness. The "Piqué Anglais", the technique used for seams, consists of joining two layers of overlapping skins. With this goat skin and this sewing technique, our gloves offer a sensational touch. Finally, as a nod to motorsport, we have affixed our emblem, a butterfly of wheel, engraved on the cap of the snap button.

Sophistication and unique sensations.

These driving gloves are made with skins of an extreme thinness which offer an exeptional touch. Aeration is effective in removing sweat. In addition, this pair of chocolate gloves is appreciated both at the wheel of your car and in town with an elegant jacket. It is thanks to the quality of the skins and the talent of our master glove-makers that we were able to create the glove we dreamed of: vintage, elegant and high-performance.

Technical sheet :

- 100% French artisanal manufacture.
- Colour : Brown.
- Material : One layer of kidskin.
- Stitches : English stitching holes.
- Closure : Nickel snap fastener with engraved emblem.



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