Brown T2 goggles

Aviator Goggle

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Aviator Goggle's T2 goggles are aimed to vintage car or motorbike stroll enthusiasts.

Handmade, they profit from a brass frame, dressed with leather. Originating from french expertise, they have a remarkable comfort and quality !

Ride while fitted with these Aviator goggles and enjoy in complete safety !

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Brown T2 goggles - Aviator Goggle : A pilot's must-have

Appearing at the begining od the XXth century, these driving goggles were born from the need to protect pilots' from the wind, cold and the road's hazards. First conceived from a simple leather headband, ,it quickly became a must-have accessory.
As shown by Tazio Nuvolari's obsession with always wearing his pilot's goggles during the races et ran with Alfa Romeo, Auto Union and other Bugatties that made him famous.
Nowadays, they mainly are a vintage must-have accessory, daily usable by old cars or vintage motorbikes owners.

A century-old expertise.

Handmade in France, more precisely in the Jura, Aviator Goggle's T2 goggles are the results of a century-old expertise. Hand sewn, the leather and foam structure brings comfort and a remarkable lightness.
The brass frame is added to the set and allows to maintain the lenses, interchangeable with a simple clip if needed. An adjustable elastic band , hand sewn, is positionned to offer a flawless support.
Finally, glasses can be worn underneath it.

The ideal stroll companion

Vintage decorative object or a Gentleman driver's lust-have accessory ? Don't hesitate anymore ! Aviator Goggle's T2 goggles' aime is to be worn on your classic helmet or else, ready to accompany you in your 2 or 4 wheeled strolls. You can also proudly exhibit this french creation on your desk while waiting to wear them on your next drive !

Technical sheet :

- Brown finishing touches and chromed strapping.
- Brown leather weather-strip.
- Scratchproof polycarbonate interchangeable oculars.
- Adjustable elastic band with noose and fastener (30 mm width).
- Slit in the weather-strip to accommodate glasses.
- Provided with a microfiber case for cleaning and transportation.
- Conforms to CE standards for car and motorbike driving.
- 100% french manufacture.


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