Gulf M.Delaney indigo jacket

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Gulf M.Delaney indigo jacket.

An iconic jacket as it is inspired by the racing suit worn by Micheal Delaney, interprated by Steve McQueen in 1971 in « Le Mans ».

This jacket puts motor racing in the spotlight while perfectly reviving the same stylistic codes of this universe : sponsors' logos and colourful stripes.

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A legend's Gulf jacket.

This M.Delaney indigo jacket is broadly inspired from Micheal Delaney's racing suit. This iconoc character imbodied by Steve McQueen in 1971's « Le Mans » film. In 1970, during the shooting of the film, the acteur resumed Jo Siffert's racing suit and the famous Monaco chronograph. The icon was born. After the release of the film, everybody rushed to buy these jackets. Today, GrandPrix Originals reissues these jackets, blazers and accessories to revive Steve McQueen's legend. Made in cotton and lined in nylon, this M.Delaney indigo jacket is worn close to the body.

Technical sheet :
- 100% navy blue cotton.
- Light blue and orange se.n stripes.
- Embroidered collar and snap fasteners.
- Cuffs.
- Chest pocket with zip fastener.
- 2 ventral pockets.


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