Jet helmet Hedonist Ash


369 €

The Hedonist jet helmet in its Grey Ash livery and Camel headband is a must-have for cars and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

Strong, comfortable and lightweight thanks to its modern design, it is assembled in England by meticulous craftsmen from noble materials.

Take the road equipped with this jet helmet Hedon and enjoy safely!

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Why the jet helmet?

It was in the early 1950s that the appearance of the first jet helmets marked the starting point of the fight against cranial injuries in motorcyclists. Indeed, it is the work of a Californian scholar for the benefit of the pilots of the American Air Force that allowed the development of such protections in civilian. Protecting the cranium perfectly with its padded rigid shell, the jet helmet has proven over time as the indispensable accessory for all motorcycle enthusiasts, but also automobile.

Designed by enthusiasts.

Assembled in Great Britain, west of London, Hedon jet helmets are handcrafted. They are designed by a couple of enthusiasts. Lindsay is an industrial designer for Reginald, and is active in the motorcycle accessories industry. The cap, made of fiber and carbon, ensures a very contained weight to this jet helmet, considered the lightest on the market. To offer you optimum comfort, these craftsmen use noble materials such as leather and suede. You will also be impressed by the care taken in the finishing touches. Safety is not compromised by this sleek design since these helmets meet the ECE standard. 22-05 for road use.

An object of pleasure.

The jet helmet Hedonist Ash will not leave you during your rides by motorcycle or your exits circuit. With this combination of matte gray and camel reminiscent of old motorcycles, it will marry perfectly with your coffee racer or your scrambler. This combination of retro style and modern design is a perfect success since it offers elegance and comfort. To carry your helmet in the best conditions, the cloth cover is very useful.

Technical sheet.

- Grey "Ash" paint, matt varnish.
- Shell in carbon fiber and fiberglass.
- Anti-bacterial suede inner fabric.
- Padded cushions for total support and comfort.
- Finishes in calf leather.
- Double jugular.
- Rivets and brass plate.
- Weight: 800g (XS / S) and 950g (M / L / XL).
- ECE certified jet helmet 22-05.
- Comes with a carrying case.
* Small size. Be sure to follow the hedon size guide or take one size larger than your usual size.


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