Steve McQueen Pilote Photo - Le Mans

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Original black and white photography from Lion André de Lourmel from the shooting of the « Le Mans » movie.

With Steve McQueen as lead, the film was shot during the 1970 edition of the famous Sarthoise race for a release in 1971.

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Steve McQueen Pilote Photo - Le Mans.

The « Le Mans » movie tells the story of Michael Delaney, automobile pilot, who comes back at the 24 Heurs du Mans a year after his partner, Perre Belgetti, died in the race. Its is while driving a Porsche 917 wearing Gulf's colours taht Delaney will take part in the race, facing his prinipal opponent Erich Stahler on a Ferrari 512S.

This photo represents Steve MCQueen in his white suit with blue and red stripes and the sponsors' badges (Gulf and Tag Heuer) while driving his Porsche 917 wearing the Gulf colours. A moment of the race captures Lion André de Lourmel, Head of photography on the « Le Mans » movie.

Technical sheet :

- Size : 45x30cm.
- Premium quality paper.
- Finishing touches : shiny.


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