Porsche 917 - Le Mans – photo

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Original black and white photography from Lion André de Lourmel from the shooting of the « Le Mans » movie.

With Steve McQueen as lead, the film was shot during the 1970 edition of the famous Sarthoise race for a release in 1971.

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Porsche 917 Photo - Le Mans.

The « Le Mans » movie tells the story of Michael Delaney, automobile pilot, who comes back at the 24 Heurs du Mans a year after his partner, Perre Belgetti, died in the race. Its is while driving a Porsche 917 wearing Gulf's colours taht Delaney will take part in the race, facing his prinipal opponent Erich Stahler on a Ferrari 512S.

This photo represents one of Porsche 917 waiting on the pitlane wearinf Gulf's colours. This one was driven by Jo Siffert and Brian Redman during the 1970 race. A moment of the race captures Lion André de Lourmel, Head of photography on the « Le Mans » movie.

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- Size : 45x30cm.
- Premium quality paper.
- Finishing touches : shiny.


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