Ford Mustang Fastback sculpture

Stéphane Dufour

450 €

Ford Mustang Fastback sculpture by Stéphane Dufour.

More details

More details

Ford Mustang Fastback sculpture : American way of life.

The French artist Stéphane Dufour celebrates one of the most beautiful racer of the 1950's,1960's and 1970's. This sculpture represents one of the most famous cars from the 1960's : the Ford Mustang Fastback. The artist perfectly repoduced the simplicity and beauty of the original design of the Fastback with the roof line sinking towards the trunk. Shelby even recognized the quality of Stéphane Dufour's work by giving him an official international licence.

Technical sheet : 

- Handmade sculpture from red resin dyed in the mass.
- Scale : 1/18th
- Limited edition to 500 copies, all numbered and signed by the artist.
- Order-based production in the USA. 30 days production time.


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