Split-second Stopwatch - Black dial


580 €

Hanhart's split-seconds stopwatch with black dial

Developed for vintage cars, this stopwatch is equipped with two second hands for intermediate time recording without stopping the measurement.

Made in Germany with the greatest respect for the watchmaking tradition.

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The split-seconds black stopwatch is an exceptional timepiece. This model is equipped with two second hand. This trick allows you to record intermediate times without stopping the stopwatch. Very useful function in regularity races for example. It belongs to the Classic Line range from Hanhart, specially developed for vintage cars. Its case is also reinforced to allow it to withstand the constraints of a sporty ride. The aesthetics are not to be outdone: the famous red push button, the black dial and the police, reminders of the automobile world. Combine it with the Mega Minute stopwatch and a double plate and you will be ready for all your next races!

Technical data:

- Polished stainless steel case.
- Black dial.
- Mineral glass.
- Multi-stage function: two times taken with the same start.
- Second measurement on the main counter (two seconds).
- Minute measurement on small meter.
- Installation and resumption of time (flyback).
- Display time: 30 minutes.
- Accuracy: 1/5 second (anchor 7 jewels).
- Diameter 55 mm, weight 120g.
- 2 year warranty.


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